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Friday, August 13, 2010

Chinese Tattoos

Chinese tattoos along with Asian tattoos in general offer a wide variety of spectacular artwork consisting of an array of objects, creatures and symbols, including such things as the yin and yang, dragons, big cats and fish.

But perhaps the most sought after Chinese tattoos are the ancient symbols, which are also referred to as characters, signs and the Chinese alphabet. Believe it or not there are actually more than 100,000 Chinese symbols all together, and some of the most popular designs represent love, strength, happiness, fate and eternity.

Checkout this tattoo picture gallery and discover some ideas for a Chinese design.

Chinese tattoos are seen on all areas of the body, including the back, chest and ankle.

Chinese symbols are often small designs, however the Chinese inspired animal tattoos are commonly large works of art with many colors involved.

Other popular Chinese symbol tattoo meanings include, dream, integrity, creativity, determination and kindness.