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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Flag Tattoos

Not surprisingly, flags of all countries are extremely popular among tattoo enthusiasts, especially those who have a true passion for patriotism.

There are plenty of cool tattoos that go hand in hand with flag artwork, including eagles for America, clovers for Ireland and crosses for Scotland, plus cross designs are great additions to just about any flag tattoo.

Another trend that has become quite popular is the 3D flag ripping through flesh effect, which is rather common with a host of different artwork ideas. Enjoy the picture gallery below.

As you can see, the upper arm is one of the most requested locations for many of these designs, followed by the back and chest for larger masterpieces.

Besides the representation of your country of choice, we often see a variety of other culture inspired flag tattoos, such as military, religious and pirate designs, just to name a few.

Flag tattoos aren't always presented in a patriotic or flattering fashion, from time to time we'll see burning and torn designs that portray a sense of unrest rebellion or perhaps simply satirical rubbish. But to each his own, i suppose.