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Thursday, October 14, 2010

White Ink Tattoo

As shown white ink tattoo?

White ink tattoo is a new trend in tattoos. This new type of tattoo, which White Ink Tattoosigned an exclusive contract with a white pigment, it is desirable to more people and more. Lindsay Lohan white ink tattoo that says "breathe". White tattoo is more subtle than other tattoo design and the relatively small and simple, it's easy to hide if needed in different cases, which is probably one of the reasons why it is so popular.

For white ink tattoo, usually a risky and difficult task for a tattoo. There are three ways that basically did the white tattoos.

First, most traditional, ie, the purple stencil
White Ink Tattoopaint is applied to the skin before the tattoo. However, this method is the last option for a white ink tattoo, because it is very easy for artists to mix white ink tattoo with black ink in the stencil, and finally leaves a permanent black color to white tattoos.

The second option of using the line in this process, the artist uses water-filled needles for blood collection in the outline design. This method is also very risky, because your blood can be mixed with white pigment,
production rose tattoos, but not white.

White Ink TattooThe third option is to use a hand. At the moment it is the safest way to do white tattoos. Freehand behavior means doing without the kind of guidelines for tattoo stencil. But for this, the artist must be a qualified, experienced and careful. Because the white pigment, which is very easy and very difficult for tattoo artists to see where they will go and where the pigment is introduced. Lily Melvera