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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Elephant Tattoos

Elephant tattoos are undoubtedly beautiful, however these designs are rather uncommon in the world of body artwork. But perhaps one of the most commonly seen elephant tattoos is the Hindu god known as Ganesha, a figure portrayed to have four arms, a large stomach, one tusk and a big crown atop its head, among other detailed characteristics.

The traditional elephant is also seen from time to time, perhaps designed in the classic circus attire, a unique and unnatural color or maybe even a standalone portrait of the mammoth grey land mammal.

Enjoy this picture gallery of marvelous elephant artwork which is surely a great first step for discovering lovely artwork ideas.

Elephant tattoos look outstanding with other large African animals such as the giraffe.

I hope these excellent high quality design pictures help you uncover some sensational ideas for your own personal tattoo.

As you may know, elephants are the largest living land animals around today, and only three species are left in existence, which are the African bush, the African forest and the Asian/Indian elephant. So perhaps a tattoo of thesebeautiful creatures will trigger awareness for their well being.