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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fairy Tattoos

Fairies are small and often pleasant mythical creatures which are generally described as being human in appearance and having magical powers. Folklore has associated the word "Fairy" with other beings such as the Sprite, Pixie and Elf.

Fairy tattoos are excellent stand alone works of art, however many people like to combine such items as mushrooms, flowers, leaves and other mythical creatures like dragons and unicorns to form a masterpiece of mythical beauty.

Get a load of this brilliant picture gallery of top quality Fairy tattoos, which will surely spark up some ideas for a wonderful design of your very own.

Fairy tattoos come in a very broad range of artwork designs, ranging from stunningly angelic themes to dark and morbid with a flair of macabre mixed in, and everything in between.

Popular locations for fairy tattoos include the lower back, upper back, shoulders and hip area for smaller designs, such as a little standalone Tinkerbell creation.

These cute little Fairy tattoos are seen in just about every color combination under the sun, however some of the most popular colors include blue, purple, green, red and violet.